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The client comes to the place of business of the escort.

  • An “incall” refers to a service location where the client visits the escort. This location is typically chosen by the escort and can be their private residence, a hotel room, or a dedicated incall location.
  • Incalls offer a controlled and comfortable environment for the escort and are often chosen for their discretion and safety.
  • Here’s an example: You contact an escort, and she asks you to meet her at her upscale hotel room for your rendezvous. This is an “incall” arrangement.


The escort goes to the place where the client is staying.

  • On the other hand, an “outcall” is when the escort travels to the client’s location, which could be a residence, a hotel, or another designated spot.
  • Outcalls provide convenience for the client, as they don’t need to travel to meet the escort.
  • For instance, you call an escort and request her to come to your downtown apartment for a discreet evening. This is an “outcall” service.

It’s important to note that the choice between incall and outcall often depends on the escort’s policies and the client’s preferences. Some escorts may exclusively offer one type of service, while others might provide both options. The decision usually hinges on factors like safety, privacy, and convenience for both parties involved.

Escort service fees

Mystique Escorts offers a wide range of escorts with some of the most competitive and affordable prices ,. Please refer to each individual escort’s profiles for specific and comprehensive pricing details. For specialist or lengthy bookings, please call our receptionists to discuss prices and options. All agreed payments and fees must be paid in full in cash or by bank transfer to the individual London escort(s) upon initial meeting.

The Escorts

The ladies listed on our website are verified we don’t hire ladies with fake pics …. one of our agents screen the escorts before employment .

All the ladies on our website are independent escorts . All services ,videos,info etc are provided by each escort individual .

Why Do you have so many escorts listed ?

This is one of the most asked question. That is an easy answer … we mostly work with independent escorts ( EXAMPLE : escort services agencies are exactly like real estate agencies . a client ( the lady ) contacts us about selling her property ( in the lady case .. her services ) .

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